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《S-NONI noni baby NO.1》

June 2015:
The birth of S-NONI noni baby NO.1 verified the security of S-NONI noni enzyme.
(PS:Not all brands of noni products are suitable for pregnant women and infants)
The usage method for babies:dilute noni enzyme with warm water of 50℃,the younger the dilution ratio is higher,the dilution ratio is 1 (noni enzyme): 20 (warm water) to 1 (noni enzyme): 8 (warm water).Increase or decrease the amount according to the reaction after taking noni enzyme.
Actual case:
Half a year before conception,the woman began to drink noni enzyme.60ml per time,3 times one day,before breakfast,before dinner,before sleeping.180 ml everyday,no drink any other tocolytic drugs or tonics except noni enzyme.Throughout pregnancy,unlike most pregnant women,the skin did not become very sensitive, rough,did not appear pregnancy problems because of facial pigmentation.No discomfort during pregnancy,and the skin is even better after giving birth. Noni baby’s birth weight was 3250g, icteric index was 6.7(the safety index for jaundice is 14-15).The health condition was very good,with a fair complexion,visually 30 days older than those born at the same time.