NONI TEA (Leaves)


This product provides large export service to the international market


Product description

What is S-NONI Tea(Leaf)?
S-NONI noni leaves keep fresh green,packaged after drying,with a moisture content of 12% to 17%,and with a mellow smell. Noni leaves contain frouish polysaccharides and amino acid (the main component is arginine and tyrosine), whose nutritional components could be easily absorbed into human`s blood system. These nutritional components contain antioxidants, bioflavonoids, phytosterin(including β-sitosterol), ursolic acid, glycosides and onion quinone, which play an important role in the human body.
What is the function of noni leaves?
Can be used to produce noni tea bags after being properly cooked and ground.
Can be used as an additive in various beverages after being processed by water.
Can be used in a variety of therapeutic drugs.
Can be used in all kinds of noni beauty care products.

Product usage

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